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Infusions Specialist

Permian Basin Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management Specialists located in Midland, TX

You can’t take certain medications by mouth; you must receive them through infusions. F.O. McGehee IV, MD, and the team at Permian Basin Pain Management in Midland, Texas, provide an array of infusions for various medical conditions. To learn more about the infusions available at the interventional pain management practice, call the office and book an appointment today.

Infusions Q & A

What are infusions?

Infusions are one of the cutting-edge treatments available at Permian Basin Pain Management. The interventional pain management practice aims to help its patients live their best life. In addition to providing innovative pain-relieving treatments, the practice offers an array of infusions. 

Infusions are a medical treatment that involves administering medication or fluids directly into your bloodstream and your body through an intravenous (IV) line in your arm. Infusions ensure your body gets the dose of medication it needs to address your medical needs. 

Medication infusions may also reduce your risk of developing side effects that may occur when taking the oral version of the medication. Some medications are only given by IV infusion. 

For example, Tysabri® is one of the infusion-given medications. Tysabri is a  disease-modifying agent that treats people who have relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis.

What happens during infusions?

Your provider at Permian Basin Pain Management reviews what you can expect during your infusion at your initial consultation. They individualize your infusion therapy based on the type of infusion you need and your diagnosis.

Infusions are an in-office treatment the practice performs under close supervision. After placement of an IV line in your arm, your provider starts your infusion therapy. The length of your infusion depends on the type of medication you need but may take several hours.

During your infusion, your provider closely monitors you for side effects and to make sure you’re feeling comfortable. Once complete, your provider sends you home. Depending on the medication infused, your provider may recommend you arrange to have someone help drive you home.

To gain the most benefits from your infusion therapy at Permian Basin Pain Management, you may need a series of infusions. The team at Permian Basin Pain Management works closely with your neurologist or oncologist to provide optimal care.

Infusions are one of the cutting-edge treatments available at Permian Basin Pain Management. To find out more about medication infusions, call the office today.